Annabel Simpson


Annabel Simpson

I sent my husband to The Mighty Hoopla and this is what he said.....

"The Might Hoopla is a complete fraud. It's not a real festival, there is no agonising journey there, there is no fields of mud, no average indie bands that you feel obliged to see, no aggressive dance tents with sweaty and moody teens gurning and stomping around tossing cider cans.

In fact, the Might Hoopla removes all the grim rights of passage you expect from a festival. It's completely removed all the bad bits and its brilliant!

Rather than a four hour drive or packed train, I took an Uber direct to Salon, the aggressively hipster brunch location in Brixton Market, had some eggs and a bloody mary and sauntered over to the festival (via families enjoying the sun in the park)  , followed by zero aggression on the door, light touch security and generally a horde of smiling faces. It's the best bits of a festival bundled into 9 joyous hours.

The time flies as you bounce from one great Dj to a tribute act to some big old fat pop bands from the naughties.

Music wise, its ecclectic with a focus on not taking its self too seriously . Its also a cracking festival for the short sited, because as I was positive that both girls Aloud and the Spice Girls were playing live - only to find some strategically dressed backing dancers. 

Food is plentiful (Festibel favourite the Cheese truck was there representing) but there is also pretty much everything. Lots of festivals masquerade as 'foodie destinations' but the Mighty Hoopla has everything you need, within 5 mins and with nominal queues.

So I think you get the jist, a hangover free festival (my Monday was a breeze), condensed into an afternoon, with every act imaginable and great food, loos, bars - everything.

But that's not the key selling point, there is one thing that makes Mighty Hoopla stand head and shoulders above other London day festivals.

This is a total dick free festival (that's not a gay willy reference) - everyone was charming, open, friendly, accessible. 

Even when Lilly Allen announced she was trying some new material there wasn't an audible groan from the crowd - they were just having way too much fun.

If you want a warm up to Festival season and don't take your music too seriously - this is an absolute must.

Please note, there are 20 after parties throughout South and East London (the highlight being the Electric in Brixton) so if you want to go batshit crazy - there's an opportunity too."

Thanks Will. Thought you might like this one!! I can't wait for next year. 

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