Music 3/5

Rave Level 4/5

Atmostphere 4/5

Boutique 5/5

Family Friendly 2/5


Location: Herefordshire 

Size: 5000

Vibe: Dancing, laughing

What to wear: Whatever you like - vintage/OTT sequins are the norm

Activities: Slip and slide, dancing on the pagoda, climbing the hay bales

Last year’s headliners: Solardo, Weaver Brothers, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)


I really had no idea what to expect on this one, was it going to be a South American themed city of riches? Well no it wasn't but it certainly left me feeling pretty rich in happiness and I left with my face aching from laughter. 

Having been at Glastonbury the weekend before I was pretty overwhelmed by the cosy size and cleanliness of this festival. 

I would say it was a young crowd, however if you're in a strong group I don't think this would bother you so much, hopefully the crowd with mature with as the festival does. It really is a great festival to go in a large group as everything is easy to get to, the setting is stunning, boutique camping is hugely reasonable (£100 a head). 


My highlight of this festival is the pagoda, very much like the one at Secret Garden but without the threat of sinking and tedious queues. It was incredible dancing on the swaying island on the lake in the sunshine. It is attached to a big wooden boat containing the DJ booth which is pretty epic, I wish I could take it with me to every festival. Another sticking point was the Lost Ruins, a large indoor jungle containing writhing bodies listening to heavy house/tech music with an incredibly lit set up to really get the senses going. 


I felt a real sense of escapism at El Dorado, I didn't know many people and everywhere I went the production was spot on and created lots of different environments and moods from chilled hay bale surrounded jigging to heavy LED lit shuffling. 

Everything was so easy to get to and relaxed. Despite it's size there were some EPIC shops including Bits and Bobs Vintage and State of Disarray which have a mind blowing amount of jazzy eye catch get up for all your festi needs!! My musical highlight was Solardo in the Lost Ruins who played the last set on Sunday night until 4am. Everyone was loving the last opportunity to go for it and even when someone accidentally let off a flare in the tent, it didn't kill the vibe. What a fun weekend!!! I will be back next year with bells on.