Farr Fest 13th-15th July 2017


Food 5/5

Music 5/5

Rave level 5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Camping 3/5

Family Friend 1/5


Location: Hertfordshire

Size: 5,000

Vibe: Electronic music, boutique, foody, friendly

What to wear: As fanciful as a trip to an enchanted woodland. Wellies haven’t been necessary for me – the festival perches on a hill so the rain drains away.

Activities: Dance, yoga, cinema, fairground  


Off to the woods… Far, far away. Starting out as all the best festivals do, Farr was originally a small gathering of close friends. Now 7 years established, it has grown in reputation but happily not in size – still 5,000 guests. With a small, perfectly formed set of stages and tents, you never risk losing your friends, though quite frankly, getting lost in the woods is often half the fun.


FESY 3.jpg

Farr is an ode to the best of electronic music. It boasts an underground line-up worthy of the most discerning dancefloor connoisseur. If, like me, you’re not so au fait with your DJs, fear not. The distinctive, joyful energy of Farr permeates every stage – you can’t help but move your feet till the early hours. And if one song doesn’t suit, onwards to the next – the space is so compact that the entire site can be crossed in a couple of minutes. Never miss a beat.

The producer of Farr, Oscar Thornton, is just as expert in his gastronomy as his musical harmonies. Of course, you can find hot dogs and burgers but it’s the churros, vegan super-powered salads and fresh crab by Claw that have us coming back for more… And more. Those stages burn energy! This is now my third year at Farr and every year the set of foodie tents develops, delights and remains a perfectly-curated selection of just that kind of food you crave from 6pm sundowners to 2am energy enhancers.

FEST 2.jpg

Talking of sundown, sunset at Farr is a must-see. Step out of the woods, jump onto the ferris wheel and ogle the most vivid sunset England has to offer, stretching across an endless horizon of corn fields. If you’re feeling all zen, this year also offered yoga workshops, inspiring talks and outdoor cinema screenings. Got that feeling your fashion just isn’t festival enough (always happens as soon as you arrive)? Stop by the Mermaid Cave for the gorgeous girls to adorn you with gems, jewels and glitter. Particularly good on men.

The camping at Farr is boutique, friendly and cool – just like the festival itself. Alternatively, the site is 40 minutes taxi journey from London so you can even be home as the sun starts to rise. Not so Farr away after all… But for all its magic, it feels like another world altogether.

Festibel Contributor: Rosanna Falconer

For Tickets: tickets.farrfestival.co.uk