Food 3/5

Music 5/5

Rave Level 5/5

Atmostphere 5/5

Boutique 5/5

Family Friendly 5/5


Location: Somerset, England

Size: 135,000

Vibe: every vibe you can imaging depending on where you are in the festival 

What to wear: wellies, waterproofs, something distinctive at night (perhaps luminous) in case you get lost in the crowds. 

Activities: watching massive bands, sitting up on the hill watching the sunset, long distance walking! 

@tigerlily_taylor94 and me watching Kano

@tigerlily_taylor94 and me watching Kano

Glastonbury is always a hard one to write about as everyone has such a different experience but most can agree it's heart wrenchingly show stoppingly good. This year it felt more than ever that the stars were perfectly aligned for the best Glastonbury ever. The weather itself was ideal, cool in mornings, sunny days and warm nights - compared with the horror of the mud in recent years this was a real blessing. 

My music experiences varied hugely and I found myself sucked into the crowd at the Pyramid stage with a group of friends really going for it to Major Lazer. Not my usual cup of tea. Then there were The Bootleg Beatles the Beatles tribute band who joked 'Got any drugs? Then take them now' I listened to them rolling around in the grass with a jug of pimms loving life.

Backstage Wiley

Backstage Wiley

You never know what the day has in store for you but you know it's just going to be EPIC whatever it is. I would later be found rapping along to Kano at The Park stage followed by getting raucous underneath a 50 tonne bio diesel flame throwing mechanical spider aka Arcadia. A highlight for me was being behind the DJ booth on Sunday night with Route 94 (who's just been signed to Hot Creations). It was a deep beast of a set with filthy drops and the perfect conclusion to the best Glastonbury of all time. 

With a line up such as Chic, Foo Fighters and a secret set from the Killers there was something for everyone to be excited by. I had no plans and yet felt like the line up was perfection.

Listening to the Bootleg Beatles @jackguiness @hunza.g

Listening to the Bootleg Beatles @jackguiness @hunza.g

Behind the booth at Love Bullet with @Route94 

Behind the booth at Love Bullet with @Route94 



There are RUMOURS that next year may happen if a certain group reforms - there's a clue there, let's see what happens. All I know is that this is and has always and always will be the ultimate festival. 

Make sure you experience it once in your life, You're never too old. It's never too big (don't ever say that to me). It's EVERYTHING. 

The Festibel tips for the perfect Glastonbury:

- Get at least 4 hours sleep every night/day

- Have one wingman and go with the flow - Always remember it's 'your Glastonbury' 

- Arrive Thursday leave late Monday

- Late night hit the Rabbit Hole until 4am then head to District 9/ Shangri La / Love Bullet / The Temple

- Never stop thanking the amazing volunteers

- Leave on a high