Gottwood 2018 dates to be announced

(8th-11th June 2017)


Food 3/5

Music 5/5

Rave Level 5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Boutique 4/5

Family Friendly 2/5


Location: Anglesey, North Wales

Size: 5,000

Vibe: Rave kids, in a tranquil woodland setting

What to wear: Bombers

Activities: Installation art, body painting


Credit: Ed Dabney

Credit: Ed Dabney

We live in a country where festivals are synonymous with the summer, and vice versa. If at some stage you aren’t in a field, not off you tits, watching the latest electro-folk 80s revival band, then you’re not really doing it properly are you? Given the choice available it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, but last year we unearthed a gem.

If you like your dance music, but are put off by large and loud EDM festivals, then this might be the one for you. Gottwood Electronic Music and Arts Festival resides on the dreamy Carreglwyd estate, Llanfaethlu, on the ‘island’ of Anglesey, about a six hour drive from London. Founded by friends Tom Carpenter, Digby Neill, and Tom Elkington in 2010, the festival has grown from 2,000 to around 5,000 attendees in six years, and has therefore kept much of its original charm.

The entertainment is predominantly DJ-based, with the odd live act thrown in for good measure, but the quality of the DJs is so high that you barely notice the lack of live programming. If you are serious about electronica, then you will not be disappointed as everyone from house innovators John Talabot and Joy Orbison, to Berghain favourites Kowton and Prosumer were on the bill at last summer’s Gottwood fix.

The stages are all curated by a hand-picked selection of promoters and labels, who all buy in to the Gottwood ethos. There are industry favourites including Secretsundaze, Aus Music, and Hypercolour as well as less established but upcoming names - Louche, Percolate and Road to Nowhere. Individually all are known for creating high quality productions and events, but collectively they are a mighty proposition – and one of the reasons the festival has a distinct family feel.

Credit: Fanatic

Credit: Fanatic

Those that have been will tell you all about the epic music, but they will equally wax lyrical about the idyllic setting. The woodland stretches across most of the site (bar the camping area), forming an ideal breezy backdrop for raving, while also providing a natural shelter from the elements if things start to get hairy. In the sun the dappling effect paired with the site’s centre-piece, a tranquil lily-padded lake, really sets the festival apart and some have described it as the most picturesque in the UK.

If you want something a little different and off the beaten track, then Gottwood might just be what you’re looking for.

Credit: Fanatic

Credit: Fanatic


There are three main boutique options for camping, run by the charming Fred’s Yurts, Katamaka and The Woodville Project – offering a plethora of Yurts, Bell Tents and Tipis. We stayed in Fred’s last year, and there were showers and phone charging on site. Bell Tents start from £275.

Festibel Contributor: Jamie Wynn-Williams

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