Noisily 5th - 8th July 2018


Food 3.5/5

Music 4.5/5

Rave Level 5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Family Friendly 2/5


Location : Leicester

Size : 4000

Vibe : Music, Mind Body Soul, Underground, Expression, Connection, Love

What to wear : Glitter, sequins, feathers, flowers

Activities : Talks, yoga, workshops, banquets, hot tubs, dancing


Tucked away in the depths of Coney Woods lies a majestic and inspiring playground.  Noisily Festival has exploded in a sea of colour, lazers, electronic music, and art installations.  

As you meander through the campsite there is a gentle hum of excitement.  Entering the festival through the Mind Body Soul field, which this year had almost doubled in size since it became part of the festival in 2016.  This beautifully zen field is the perfect transition from outer world to festival and from festival back to campsite.  With a multitude of things to experience at the Stretch Tent from yoga to myth telling, chilled out beats and meditation, and an mind expansive talks at the University of Life this field really is the beautiful balance of mind body and soul.  Massage, chai tea, drumming circles around the fire… you name it they’ve thought about it.

The sound of the Liquid Stage rolls in the distance, the thud of the base starts to awaken a very special part of your soul… The smiling face of a stranger gives you the nod of acknowledgement that you know oh so well.  The glint in his eye says it all…


As you begin your adventure into the forest art installations begin to pop up from between bushes and behind trees.  Eyes, 3D installations, giant mushrooms and moss covered mounds.  Greeted by a cool breeze and woodland aromas you begin your descent into the main arena.  Wait!! Not before checking out the hot tubs and the potential of a banquet in the forest should that take your fancy.  I didn’t personally try out either of these activities, but I heard incredible feedback.  And before you start thinking about the unsavouriness of the concept of a hot tub at a festival HALT! there are showers and fresh water and provisions in place to make sure you aren’t marinating in everyone else’s festival juice.


The most taxing decision you will have to make all festival is which stage to go to, and this is very much dependant on the speed of the base line you are chasing. 

If it’s house and techno you crave then off to the Noisily Stage with you, to the top left of the arena, onto the wood shavings the melodic sounds of synths oozes through the air, the sun breaking through the trees in this beautiful sun trap.  You’ll find the likes of James Monro and System 7.  My absolute favourite set this year on the Noisily Stage was Jorge Martins – if you haven’t heard of him, he’s one to watch! 

If it’s a bit more of a funky rhythm then I suggest you get yourself up to Pablo Discobar, a smaller tent at the top of the hill where you’ll set your hips shaking and get down to the likes of the Strutt Brother’s and Scarlett XX.

If you are tickled by trance and the rolling base line is what you crave then you need to make your way to the Liquid Stage.  This year Zen Mechanics and Emok were the ones for me.  The atmosphere of the trance floor is intoxicating, and that comes from a sober raver.

Noisily is a stand alone festival in the sense that it has incorporated the best of many different festivals from the UK and abroad.  It has been orchestrated by a team of people who not only love what they do, but know how to do it seamlessly.  The connections and love that you find at Noisily are comparable to none.  There is no pretence or arrogance in what they do, there is a desire and a passion for music and people, mind body and soul, and this is seen in everything they offer in the beautiful setting of Coney Woods.

Festibel Contributor: Jenna Scott

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