Womad 27th-30th July 2017


Food 5/5

Music 3/5

Rave Level 1/5

Atmostphere 4/5

Boutique 3/5

Family Friendly 5/5


Location: Charlton Park, Wiltshire

Size: 40,000

Vibe: World Music, drum banging

What to wear: Fair trade earthy clothing

Activities: Drum banging, arboretum, debating




WOMAD stands for World of Music and Dance, and that is exactly what it is.  

It's is a serene and family friendly festival where it's impossible not to discover something new. A great thing about WOMAD is how compact it is. Nothing is more than a ten minute walk away which makes moseying around very relaxing.


The food at Womad is second to none, there's a massive range to choose from and every dish I tried was wonderfully yet unpretentiously executed. Highlights were the Argentian grill serving delicious slabs of tender steak and the 'Bao' truck serving fluffy taiwanese buns filled with juicy delights. The Goan Fish Curry stand is a must visit and makes you feel quite at home with the worldly surroundings temporarily transporting you to an imaginary gap year in India.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 16.23.12.png

Music hugely diverse ranging from Thashi Lumpo Tibetan monks to funkadelic George Clinton to British rapper Roots Manuva - Roots Manuva was a highlight for me as the atmosphere was electric and the whole crowd was throbbing although in a polite Womad manne.  As you wander the grounds you have no intended destination, the joy is having no plan and settling in front of different stages where the music draws you in. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 16.23.57.png

All in all WOMAD is a happy place which is great to enjoy with a small group of friends or perhaps your family. If you're in the mood for discovery no place is more ideal. The setting may be a little tame if you're in the mood to really lose  your mind, but you wouldn't want to do that any way - would you?

For Tickets: www.womad.co.uk